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Band Steel Wool Products

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Band Steel Wool

Metallic Wool manufacture a unique Steel Wool using High Quality Steel strip. Our production method produces a unique "Curly" textured product as against the "Straight Strands" of the commonly available traditional "Wire" wool. This Wool is Produced in 4 Grades ( 0,2,4 and 6 ) and packed in rolls in a clear poly sleeve. It can also be packed loose in a box if required.

This produces a very versatile material ideal when used with paint stripper on wood it has excellent abrasive ability.

This method of manufacture also enables us to achieve coarser grades than "Wire" and hence is used mainly in Industrial uses.

Grade 0 is a General Purpose Fine Band Wool.

Grade 2 is a General Purpose Medium Band Wool.

Grade 4 is a General Purpose Coarse Band Wool.

Grade 6 is a Very Coarse Band Wool used in industrial applications such as filtering of molten metals in Gravity Die casting. It is also used in Pest Control situations for blocking of holes made by Rodents and Birds.

Band Wool
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